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Water love and fire hate are exact opposites. In my opinion this makes Baz Luhrmanns film and Shakespeares play more successful and more appealing to all generations. However, Baz Luhrmann has not focussed on Paris nearly as much as Shakespeare did, therefore because a lot of his part is edited out; there is no reason for Romeo Baz luhrmanns william shakespeare essay dislike him as much.

The opening of the film features a 20th century television news report. The Montagues look prepared for the heat with their loose Hawaiian shirts.

The violins heighten the tragic choral music. Encompassing the elegance of Shakespeare's words, Luhrmann introduces the "star crossed enthusiasts" in a tender exchange of affectionate eyeball contact over the shimmering light of an aquarium. Hire Writer As it turned out, the team were unable to film in Miami and the actual movie was shot in Mexico.

Then when Romeo dies, Juliet kills herself believing that she will die together with her lover. Luhrmann uses this technique so it is easier for the audience to understand the association of the heat and anger.

In addition, it is not just about the film and the theatre, but it is also to do with the audiences expectations. In Romeo and Juliet some scenes had over three hundred individual sounds all mixed together.

This then reaches the expectations of a film audience. Making a comparison, the Montague guys are dressed up in very everyday beach t shirts and plank shorts, illustrating the less mature and jovial features of their characters. How to cite this page Choose cite format: The white sheets symbolise again their purity and a new life together and their commitment.

The expensive looking suits turn back to reveal either tight tops featuring religious images or shirts. Their formal dress gives them an air of suave sophistication, which the Montagues lack.

Then she kisses him hoping that she might catch some poison and die with her lover, as she cannot live without him. The Montagues are far too casual to match up to the dangerous image presented by the Capulets. This was so unusual because generally children expect little in the way of entertainment from Shakespeare due to the huge language barrier….

Baz Luhrmanns William Shakespeare Paper

The planning of each shot is so thorough before the cameras start rolling that the actual filming becomes a rather mechanical process. In the original play, Shakespeare shows the Capulets, the nurse, Paris, and the friar realising that Juliet is dead.

It is energetic with dancing and glitter is plentiful with Mercutio starting the party with get up and dance rhythm filled contemporary music. Alfred Hitchcock is a prime example.

It implies a form of media within media so immediately states that it is set in the present day. The prologue has a formal verse structure and takes the form of a sonnet, a characteristic form of love poetry. Many of the characters are introduced during the prologue and are portrayed to be rivals, so backs up the feeling of hatred between the two characters, and creates interest and more understanding.

Romeo holds the poison to his lips, the audience see that Juliet is awake and Romeo thinks she is dead and therefore is about to kill himself.

The type of music and language adaptation makes a difference to Act 3 Scene 1. I think that Baz Luhrmann has created a wonderful scene in this movie and helped me understand the scene much better. The sides appear to be fighting over who remains at the fuel station.

Hire Writer This means the audience has more knowledge about the actions and consequences than the characters. In fact, Mexico proved to be the perfect location for this film. Their dress and bright yellow convertible car, symbolises that they clown around, that they do it for the bad boy image, that they are immature and juvenile and are not serious about the fighting, this is also shown by not wearing a bullet proof under garment.

The technical and film codes were used very affectively in Baz Luhrmans adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, it does this by the reconstruction of the films location to the busy location of Verona, the action camera shots were well timed and positioned, the characters where modernised to suit the setting of the beach by using bright colours in their clothing.

The party is colourful and bold. Mercutio fatal wound causes the darkness to fall and clouds pass over his body which shows he has passed them to heaven. The music sounds suspended, like we are waiting for someone to make a move.

But with bright colours, like the one worn by Romeo on his shirt, it gives the impression of the young passion held Romeo and Juliet.

Baz Luhrman: Romeo and Juliet Transformation

The nunnery van, which allowed the Capulets into the space, carried the nuns that the Montague boys had just rudely gestured. They have been taunted by the Capulets, whose appearances have intimidated them into reluctant fear.

The Opening of Baz Luhrmann's William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Essay - The Opening of Baz Luhrmann's William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet The opening of a film can make or break it - it is a vital factor determining whether or not the audience will want to watch the rest of the film.

Essay about An Analysis of Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet. An Analysis of Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet Baz Luhrmann’s William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet did not get a warm reception from the literary and film critics of today. Published: Mon, 5 Dec Baz Luhrmann brings a unique visual style to William Shakespeare’s renaissance tragedy “Romeo and Juliet”.

Set in a modern Verona Beach, Luhrmann sets the assertive and trendy tone of his adaptation within a decaying Miami City. Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ - Assignment Example On In Assignment Sample The story of Romeo and Juliet originated as a play, written by William Shakespeare in Elizabethan England.

Baz Luhrmann's Presentation of Romeo and Juliet to a Modern Audience In this essay, I will be comparing the way the years old William Shakespeare's film Romeo and Juliet was transformed by Baz luharmann for the understanding of the modern audience.

To what extent is Baz Luhrmann's William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet a successful film at the expense of suppressing important elements of Shakespeare's play?

If Baz Luhrmann had kept every single part of Shakespeare's original play, the film would .

Baz luhrmanns william shakespeare essay
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